Helping the dreams of young talented people who wish to keep music alive.

As a supporter of the arts, you understand the importance of providing a strong foundation for young musicians. They are the future of music.

The Miami Conservatory of Music (MCofM) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the purpose of assisting our talented young children to reach their highest achievement, with every individual having the maximum opportunity to prepare for a musical career. It serves as a liaison between beginning instruction and professional organizations. It offers not only the best in talent training and the possibility of attainment, but hope of achievement, through a talent-and-need-based scholarship program.

MCofM has already provided more than $500,000 in musical instruction to about 100 students over the years. Students who have received this benefit have gone on to attend major universities, colleges and music schools and some are today professional musicians.

Financial aid is made on the basis of financial need and talent for new students in 5th to 10th grade, including homeschooled students, who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. The funds are used to provide music instruction on a variety of instruments such as piano, violin, viola, cello, classical guitar, flute or voice, opportunities such as competitions, Master Classes given by renowned guest artists, workshops and recitals/concerts.

The award is revised every semester and is contingent upon the student’s work and progress.

Eligible students must follow the registration process and deadlines, provide all necessary documentation before being selected for a live audition. Upon successful audition, the MCofM will decide the amount of awards based on the scholarship funds available, the family’s financial situation and the level of the student.

To receive complimentary information, please submit your application online.
• Specify in Class or Instrument Interested in?  Scholarship + the instrument.


Required Documents:
• Application (online)
• Teacher’s Recommendation
• Student Questionnaire (form provided by MCofM)
• Statement of intent (form provided by MCofM)
• Video of the student performing a representative piece (or excerpt) of his/her ability (max. 3 mins). It must not be edited.
• Copy of the most recent 1040 forms (U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Pages 1 and 2)
• Copy of the applicant’s passport
• Copy of the applicant’s social security card
• This Policy document initialed, signed and dated

Important Dates
Fall Awards
Application Deadline by April 1, 2019
Auditions in May 2019
Award results in June 2019
Lessons from August 2019 – May 2020

Spring Awards
Application Deadline by October 1, 2019
Auditions in November 2019
Awards results in December 2019
Lessons from January – May 2020