The Miami Conservatory of Music (MCofM) offers exceptional music instruction within a professional and supportive environment. The caliber of the professors and the multitude of musical offerings, including individual and group lessons, as well as ensemble and group performances, offers each student the opportunity to find their musical voice. The ambiance created by the founder, Brigitte Kishlar, is unparalleled for motivating students and fostering a place for students and families to connect through music. The Conservatory is run in a highly organized manner by their amazing administrator, who is always happy to help with scheduling and organizational matters.

In the eight years that our child has participated in lessons at the Miami Conservatory of Music, she has established a regular musical practice, participated in recitals and competitions, and developed poise and confidence that has served her in many areas. We are deeply grateful to the MCofM for providing her with these amazing opportunities, while nurturing a love of music and culture. The MCofM is a haven of creativity and offers a musical serenity that is rare to find in a bustling city like Miami – it is a place like no other!

– R M, Miami, Yelp Review