Miami Conservatory of Music welcomes students all year round, children through adults, beginners through advanced. MCofM is open all-year-round except for most legal holidays (see the schedule in General Information and Policies).



The first step in order to start lessons at MCofM is to schedule an interview with the professor for the desired instrument. If multiple teachers are available, we will offer recommendations based on availability and schedule compatibility. All teachers are well qualified, with degrees in their field of music or significant professional experience.

Students and their parents will meet with an MCofM professor for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

During this initial meeting, the student and parent(s) will discuss their goal. find answers to questions like what kind of instrument to buy or rent, where to find music books and decide on the appropriate length of lesson.

The $10 interview fee is waived when the student registers.


After the interview, parent(s) or the student will confirm the schedule, fill out an application, and provide the $30 annual registration fee.


Lessons are set up according to the student’s day preference and our professor’s availability.

Appointments will be reserved for you for the entire academic year, unless a change in schedule is requested or classes are stopped by the student.

To schedule an interview or for
the lesson’s rates

call: 305-442-2283  CLOSED

or email us your request at