I teach music because there are a lot of talented people around that are happy to learn, because I was very lucky and my own teachers were great, and because it gives me the chance to keep learning music.

Viera Borisova, violist, came to Florida in 1995 by way of the Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife, Spain, and the Russian National Symphony Orchestra. She eventually settled in Miami as a member of what was then the only full-time orchestra in South Florida, the Florida Philharmonic. Upon graduating from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow with a post-doctorate degree, she taught viola there from 1977–1982.

Performing extensively around the world as a soloist, Ms. Borisova collaborated with Symphony and Chamber orchestras in Russia, Spain, Cuba, and the United States. She has won several International Viola Competitions in Russia, Latvia, Hungary, and Cuba. Her recording of the “Shostakovitch Viola Sonata” won the Gran Prix in Havana, Cuba. She currently freelances with many of the existing South Florida orchestras. She continues to perform with different chamber groups in the USA, Europe, and Mexico.

As a member of the versatile Crosstown String Quartet in Miami and a member of the Vioa Trio of the University of Zacatecas, Mexico, she often performs music composed for those groups .

She is sought after as a teacher of both violin and viola, and at present teaches at Gulliver Academy and the Miami Conservatory of Music. She also maintains her private violin and viola studio.